How avoid fake credit score services

Credit score, is financial information –a numerical expression based on credit usage— that tells us how low or high is our possibilities to get a loan from a bank or financial institution. Above all, this score is used by credit agents in bank to evaluate our credit history and tell us whether we apply or not for the loan or mortgage we need.

Credit Report

What is the metric used to measure credit score?
Most credit score agencies use the same metric to determine your credit score. The scale is basically: Poor (from 300 to 319), Fair (from 620 to 679), Good (from 680 to 739) and Excellent (from 710 to 900). There are reliable companies that can give you trustworthy information about your real credit score. Something you should have in mind is that credit score is definitely something that slightly varies from one company and other but in essence is the same.

What is the problem?
There is a huge invasion of websites, ads and promotion saying they are able to provide this information –personal credit score. For those who don’t know exactly how credit score is calculated, I am not going to tell you formulas or something like that; I am just trying to inform you everything you need to know about fake financial information providers. Also, there are fraudulent agencies that when you provide your financial information they take this data to make business, take your money and make all kind of electronic theft. This is something you can avoid looking for the services of reliable companies and no trying to save money with cheap credit score services.

Be care paying for credit score: Don’t pay your money to every people that raise an ad in the web saying they provide credit score. There are several fake agencies that provide you a number and get your money. Credit score is often information that we know, but we need to confirm and those institutions ask you fill forms and they make a fake calc about your credit score.

Look for known agencies: I just would like to recommend some good options that you can trust. For instance, you can access to that is a great option. It isn’t exactly a credit score agency, but a website that provides you information from 3 of the most reliable agencies –EQUIFAX, TransUnion and Experian. This website is very important for you because there you will have detailed information about credit score, credit options, loans, mortgages and more. This is one of the most outstanding websites I have ever seen and it is a great opportunity you have to receive high-class information.

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