How Financially Successful Persons Do It Differently

Our society has a tendency to project the rich people in bad light. It is not hard to understand why people, who live from hand to mouth or have only a few hundred dollars in their account, get frustrated at their lifestyle. Majority of these people are jealous of their rich counterparts.

We find solace in believing that the financially successful persons are most corrupted and have amassed their riches by robbing the underprivileged. It may be true for a few ones but not for all.

While expressing our contempt for their luxurious lifestyle, we fail to acknowledge that their hard work, passion, patience, ups and downs, planning and an undying wish to learn from the mistakes have gone into making of what they are now today. Our media loves prying into the lives of the riches but were not with them when they worked as bartenders, earned their bread and butter by washing cars and had no way but to live in a shamble ahead of their climb to the pinnacle of success.

We need to realize that all of these high-heeled persons were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They have created their own success story. Their story could be an inspiration for the rest.

Let us now put 10 things that the rich people do differently.

They never allow negativity to affect their life

The financially successful persons always surround themselves by optimistic people. Both optimism and pessimism are very contiguous. If someone keeps company of people having positive frame of mind. he/she will also start thinking positively. According to studies, 67% of the rich people watch TV only for one hour or less every day whereas only 6% of them watch reality shows.

They are ready for sacrifice

Do you have any idea about how much frugal life they led while starting out. They did accept low wage, live in a small rented flat, travel in a cheap car and make several such adjustments. The reason? They wanted to save and invest in order to make more money. ‘Money begets money’ and none realizes the truth like these wealthy people. Some of them even love to maintain same frugal lifestyle. Warren Buffett used to drive his old car until his employees pressurized the business magnet to buy a new model.

They like debt-free life

They know it better than others that the debt-strapped persons are left with no alternative option but to stay put with the same company and lead the same life, no matter how much they hate those, They know what it means by financial freedom.

They don’t have habit of complaining

“Failure is the pillar of successes” – we preach it, they practice it. They are open and dative to new courses if something is not working. They always pick up lessons from their mistakes.

They set long-term goals

The wealthy people are good planners. They don’t just earn money and spend them. They plan while keeping long-term goals in mind. Come hell or high water, they cling to their plans.

They take responsibility for their failure

If they earn success, they credit others (obviously their mentors and employees) but in the event of failure, they take the responsibility upon themselves for wrong decisions and actions.

They are passionate about their work

They do more than doing just a 9-hour office work. Even when they are just wage-earners, they stay longer in the office. They are extremely passionate about what they do. Close to 50% of the financially successful persons wake up a few hours before they start working.

They never pretend to know everything

The successful people always prefer walking along the learning curve. 86% of these people prefer lifelong education. “Learn as long as you live’ is their success mantra. 88% of them read work related material at least, half an hour every day whereas 63% of them listen to audiobooks even while travelling to or from their workstation.

They are more encouraged by their creations than money making

They love making money. But more than that, they love the process of creating something. For them, it is a priority to keep clients happy and get more clients. If customers are satisfied, they will keep coming and it will accelerate the flow of money.

They don’t jump onto the bandwagon

They don’t unnecessarily jump for the latest gadgets or anything that is newly launched into the market. They buy what they need as they know importance of saving.

Final Words

We cannot change the people around us but we can surely change ourselves with positive and pragmatic thoughts. We don’t have control over the government, but a change of mindset can take us to financial success. It is important to change our philosophy and adopt realistic thoughts to be successful financially. The life of these wealthy persons is a lesson for us and we should follow them.

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