How I want to earn RM850 in 3 months

Hi.. Maybe some you ask me, why RM850? To keep it simple, read my previous entry about my new laptop. Now you know the reason of RM850. Yes, it is my short term target as I’ve used almost ¼ of my December salary for buying that second hand laptop. So, I need to replace it. How? It sound easy but it is hard. I’ve some plan to share with you. Maybe I could achieve or maybe not. The important part is the implementation to gain it.

For your information, I’ve 4 blog which is 2 English blog and 2 Malay blog(my native language). I’m planning to achieve the target using all that 4 blog. It is possible? I don’t know yet but I think it is possible. I’ve put 3 months which means I need to earn that RM850 before 14th April 2017.

How to earn money from these blog? This is the big question for me. Honestly, my blog is not extravaganza that could earn thousands of traffic and money. It is reality but I need to be confident and trust to my blog.

My target to earn money from my blog is :-

  • One of my blog contains Google Adsense .  Now the total amount of my Google Adsense earning is US 50.00. If I could earn minimum pay out before April 2017, US100 then it could give me at least RM400(based on average currency). It ain’t easy as I couldn’t earn more than US 10 per month. Hopefully, this month my blog could bring more fortune and I could earn at least US15 per month. Could it happen? Hopefully as the blog could growth. Yourfinancialblog not ready to put adsense as source of income. Maybe next after the traffic reached more than 100 visitor per day


  • Nuffnang. It is one of famous Malaysian 3rd party advertiser company. I’ve put it on my Malay blog. Now, it give RM30.00 and the minimum pay out is RM50.00. I hope with some new content and identity the blog could growth and hopefully I could earn RM100 before April 2017.


  • Affiliate from Amazon. One of my affiliate program that could bring some money to my wallet. Even though, my cash balance still far from minimum pay out but I hope it could reached the minimum payout US 100 in April 2017. If it could happen then I could earn about RM300(after convert in RM).


  • Another affiliate. I hope there’s another cash I could gain using another affiliate program such as Infolink, Clickbank and other Malay affiliate program.
  • Write an ebook. I’ve planned to write an ebook and sell it by myself or using other’s 3rd party program. The ebook is about property which is not really hard for me to write. The hardest part is to find time to write it.


That’s some of my planned. Other than that, maybe you can donate some cent to my paypal at zzarizi[at]  You are my beloved reader. If I could get US0.50 from you and multiply by 400 reader, I could reach US200. After convert, I could earn almost RM800.00. If you don’t want to donate, just read this blog everyday and share some interesting post. It could help me to boost my income and achieve the target.

That’s all for today. Thank’s for reading this.


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