How My Friends Save RM20,000 for his wedding in a year

Nowaday, the cost of wedding is very expensive. The average cost is more than RM20,000 including the meal, hall fee and others. Luckily, I’ve married 3 years ago. Honestly, I’m using EPF saving and do my parents help me. It is not good as I need to repay even though they not ask me to pay back.

One of my office mate will get married this month. He is working at my office only 9 months and as I know his previous work is about 6 month. His salary is below RM2,000. I’ve ask him whether he make personal loan. He deny and the money is from his saving. I’m totally surprised as he could save money in a year. I ask him to know how he manage to save more than RM20,000 in a year. This is his answer :-

  • He will put aside RM1,400 from his salary and transfer it to ASB. He also earned RM500 from ASB dividend last year which means he has a big amount in ASB before. It also means he only spend RM600 from his salary.
  • He work part time as assistant freelance photographer. He work on Sunday to help his friends. He could get around RM200 per day as an assistant. It is a hard work but good experience for him. Maybe he could overtake to do wedding photographer by himself after get confidence.
  • He sell some of his old belongings such as guitar, laptop speaker.
  • He go to work by motorcycle. For your information, he still don’t have any car yet. It is also a reason why he could save much money.


I’m salute for his method. I’m also advice him to follow the finance management that he set after this. Maybe after wedding, he could FORCE some money to the saving account. The biggest ACHIEVEMENT for him is won’t have any problem to pay loan. In his wedding, he could get some money from people that donate during wedding ceremony. In my opinion, the best is give the money to his parent. Don’t take any cent from donation. He will have some problem in beginning of their wedding but money problem could be solve.

Hopefully, their marriage could bring more PROSPERITY and give him the best of them. For those who want to marriage in the future, I’ll suggest you to follow his method. Avoid Personal Loan and prepare your money as soon as possible. For other’s information on Personal Finance in Wedding, click the link below

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For my advice, wedding is not about how much your spend during the wedding ceremony but in whole of your life with your partner. Know about it and don’t overspend during only a day or two day ceremony.

A wedding ceremony requires high capital. Due to the lack of emphasis on public expenditure
Hello there. I will be married on 8th February 2014 and there's many aspect need

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