How Smartphone Users Could Save Money?

Smartphones constantly take up a chunk of your monthly expenses. These devices are inescapable part of our lifestyle. Service plans need to be paid each month and we often do in-game transactions for our favourite mobile games. After a couple of years, you start to consider buying a new phone. Without proper management, smartphones could be expensive to buy and maintain. Here are things you should do:

• Find reliable repair shops in your area:

Nearly every town has smartphone repair shops that provide services for affordable rates. If your phone is glitchy, don’t replace it just yet. Sometimes, these repair shops could perform diagnostic tests for free. The actual repair costs may run anywhere from $25 to $200, depending on the extent of the damage. It’s still much cheaper than replacing your $800 high-end device.

• Sell your old devices:

Electronics devices don’t last forever and it could be the time to buy a new smartphone. You can sell your phone to stores or look for trade-in programs with various businesses. Smartphone vendors could have trade-in programs to boost their sales. They will agree to trade your old smartphone with one of the latest models. However, you need to pay for the price difference. The value of your phone depends on the model, time of purchase and physical conditions. So, if you have cracks on the screen, your phone will be valued lower. Other than phone manufacturers, network carrier providers may also offer trade-in programs.

Don’t buy smartphone from network carriers:

It’s true that the price of the phone can be significantly lower. You may get latest Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S model substantially cheaper from the network carrier. However, the monthly payment for the plan could be quite high and you usually need to sign a 24-month contract.

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• Buy unlocked device:

Unlocked smartphones are much more flexible. You can find them in various stores. You won’t be tied only to a particular network provider. It’s true that unlocked devices are more expensive, but you can always choose cheaper plans. You can always leave your provider at any time and use the phone for other purposes. After buying an unlocked phone, you can choose SIM card from a specific cellular provider. When you buy a locked phone, the monthly payment for the plan actually includes the phone instalment. So, you don’t really save money when buying a cheaper locked smartphone.

• Choose the best plan:

You shouldn’t just sign onto any carrier you stumble across. There’s a wide variety of plan out there. Before choosing a plan, you should consider your usage habit. The cheapest plan isn’t always the best. If you are not careful, you will face budget-breaking overage charges. Don’t sign up for any unlimited data or voice plan, if you don’t use the Internet or make phone calls often. Always pay only for something that you use.

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