How to become a Millionaire by Age 30

Okay this article is not suitable for me as I’m on 40s this year but it is okay for us to read.
Is it really work? I don’t know. Just read and get the main point. Here are the millionaire habits to emulate.

Give ‘that’ Information
To succeed in your business, consider the customer as your core asset. Customer care is essential, and you start by giving useful information to the customer. Providing information is one way to nurture your customer. Knowledge is power, and one way of enticing potential customers is by educating them.

Educate your highly esteemed customers on how your product is made. You may ask, how do I educate them? One millionaire, Michael Preysman the founder of an online store, Everlyne, built his brand around educating customers. He operates under the premise that customers need to know the story behind every product. This finding is according to his interview with the Entrepreneur.

You can provide compelling stories about the manufacturing process for a manufactured product. If you offer services like stocks brokerage, you can educate customers on market volatility and how to handle it.

Begin with the Customers then Work Backwards
After you create your business, always give priority to customers. The mere reason to be in business it the customers. Thus, endeavor to focus on making their experience pleasant and seamless. This approach will give you an advantage over your competitors. You will find more customers coming to you than going to your competitors.

How do you start with the customers? Leverage your connection with customers as much as possible. Interact with your customers to learn their values, tastes and aspirations towards your products or services. Their feedback will provide a basis for product or service improvement. Then, you can deliver what they want.

Andrew Mason of Groupon applied this approach and scooped 48 million customers across the world.

Get Personal
Ensure you develop a personal relationship with each of your clients. This approach goes a long way towards retaining your customers for long. You go an extra mile by getting personal, and it makes your company stand out. Many firms would never think of writing personal letters to their clients. But, doing so can create strong bonds with customers.

Niall Harbison, the founder of Simply Zesty, prevented his company from losing more clients by crafting personal letters. After some time, the company was worth £1.8 million.

Be Obsessed
One question to ask yourself is, ‘am I obsessed to do this business?’ If that particular business does not obsess you, think otherwise. Obsession about your business is the initial step to long-term success.

Your business should be a problem you want to spend your lifetime solving. Having the passion for a product or service and affiliation of the problems it is solving bring success. Drew Houston, the co-founder of Dropbox did not succeed his first time in internet business. SAT prep company, his first business idea did not prosper because he had no obsession.

As he said, he had no interest to spend his lifetime with SAT, and eventually, he became demotivated. Nevertheless, his passion for Dropbox made him a billionaire.

Do it Now
One way to invite failure in life is to procrastinate. Give no room for procrastination. If you want to invest, invest now. Putting off something until tomorrow can get you demotivated. Performing a task now and not tomorrow gives a mental boost. It becomes an achievement and a motivator.

The fulfilment of that need brings success or satisfaction and makes you feel productive. Fred Schebesta, the co-founder of, became a millionaire at age 26 even before co-founding the He built Freestyle Media and sold it for $1.3 million. He learnt the trick of “do it now” from his mother.

You may lack knowledge of where to invest. No need to worry. You can talk to investment experts to get advice on various areas of investment. They will guide you in investing areas like the stock market, bonds, forex, real estate and many others. Similarly, if you want to spot business opportunities subscribe for a free seminar here.

Never Quit
You may think that this habit is a little apparent, but it’s not. It is easy to get discouraged and give up. Quitting when halfway is a mistake that can make you a failure while you were close to success. Since you would never know when to succeed, stay on the truck.

A young millionaire Brenton Hayden began his career at the age of 19 yrs. He became very successful at Kellogg’s snacks as a salesperson. Later a screw-up made him lose the job. He got another job with a real estate firm, but he also lost the job after a short while. Brenton decided to start a business, and he initiated foundation for a property management company.

Brenton started looking for customers by making cold calls. The first three were turned down, but he didn’t give up. The next call was successful and set the pace for his business. A year later, his company known as Renters Warehouse had already made $966K. By age 30, Brenton had the title a “millionaire.”

Associate with Millionaires
A common philosophy says that to know your net worth, look at your friends. Exposure to more successful people expands your thinking and catapult your income. You become like those you associate with. No wonder winners are attracted to winners.

Truth be told, millionaires think different than others about money. Thus, you gain much by being in their presence.

Are you young and energetic? Don’t waste that precious chance. You may be 21 yrs, and you think being a millionaire is something achieved at age 40 and above. Others at a youthful age have achieved. You too can do it. The journey to becoming a millionaire has not changed over the years. Emulate the above millionaire habits, and I guarantee you that you will eventually become a millionaire.


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