How to claim vehicle accident

Still many of us still do not understand their rights when making a claim but is often wrong, especially when to renew insurance coverage on the vehicle.Actually, the insurer has the right to not pay the full amount of the purchase price of consumer protection. The consumer has been misled and failed to buy insurance based on the market price.

Here is a method claim can be made: –

1. O / D KFK Claim (Own Damage Claim Knock)
This is a claim against his own insurance without causing any loss to the consumer, such as loss of NCD and the user does not have to pay any of the conditions stated in the insurance policy, such as excess charges.

2. T / P claim
Users have to pay all costs of repairs before the adjuster reports to be appointed by the consumer or the workshop itself, and then make a claim.

3. O / D Claim (OWN Damage)
This method can claim the insurance themselves, without prejudice to any third party. After the police investigated and found that accidents caused by negligence of the user, the summons will be issued. This demand will lead to loss of consumer discounts on insurance reform will come.

Each user should review the insurance policy and understand the full content for the correct understanding will avoid being cheated as well as financial control.

p/s :- This tips only useful in certain entry. Not all country have same method. Refer to your agent insurance.

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