How to Handle a Dispute with Your Bank

Do you facing problem with your bank? Have a complaint but unanswered or inadequately addressed? As a bank user, most of us maybe facing problem with bank. Ain’t easy to get answer from them. In this article I’ll give some tips to handle a dispute with your bank :-


1. Keep an open mind. Don’t rush to angry the bank. Maybe it is your mistake such as forgot to signed a document or maybe misunderstood of the agreement. Just check before make a complaint.

2. Stay Organized. Ready with the evidence. Collect the document, copies of receipts or statement and notes on who you spoke with and at what time.

3. Show your appreciation. Most of who file a complaint make the bank as the enemy. It is not right, you must make them comfortable to solve your problem. Customers that are respectful of a bank’s leniency pave the way for a good relationship, whereas those with a spiteful tone may set themselves up for less facorable outcomes in future disputes.
There’s are also instances where the bank doesn’t have the power to resolve the problem like a government policy so you must beware of it.


4. Consider your methods of communication. Typically, customers must lodge complains on a bank’s customer service rather than direct to the company’s manager. Nowaday, you can complaint using twitter to solve your problem.

5. Navigate the channels. Get the correct department and don’t be afraid to take your issue to someone with more authority than a customer-service representative who may not have the power to resolve your dispute.

6. Get attorney. It is the last thing you can do if your problem couldn’t be solved. It ain’t cheap but if you need to solve it then using attorney is a must.

Source : USMoney

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I just receieved a letter from one of my saving account bank. It write like

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