How to increase the flow of your money


Do you really know where your money going? Most of us don’t really care where our money going and spend without knowing about the cash flow. Increase the flow of money? It sound hard but you can try it by reading this simple tips :-


1. Think positive about money. Don’t be sad even if you’ve get money problem. Relax first and find idea how to increase your income and get to learn how to spend it wisely. There’s many people who is in serious financial problem but could repair it. Don’t make money as your boss but think money is your tools.
2. Research about money management. Always do some research even you’re not in critical money problem. Expect the future risk budgeting. It will help you to plan your money flow. You also can follow this blogfor financial tips. There’s many article that could be used in your financial issue. Other than that, I’m recommend you to buy ‘Personal Finance for Dummies‘  book for your reference.

4.  Act when it feels right to act. There’s a risk in our life and we need to be confident on our action. Maybe not all our action give positive result but it is better than doing nothing. If our actions fail, it could be a lesson for us to keep moving on the future.
5.  Make sure you’re following fundamental guidelines regarding money. Never spend more than you can earn. Beware on the credit usage because your money flow will change. Most people get into finance problem because not following this fundamental guidelines. You must know and do budget before spending. Always make a list before enter shopping mall if you want to avoid from spending trap.

6.  Don’t invest without any knowledge. If you really want to invest, make sure the place to invest are really worthy. Don’t just invest after reading some hype advertising. Always beware of the scam that want to steal your money. Read the article on ‘Where Should I Invest ‘ and you can bring some idea about it.


Investment Myth
7. Find an expertise in financial. It is important to get advice from the expertise such as financial advisor or any government agency. For Malaysian people, I’ll recommend to get advice about money from AKPK.

Your money flow will growth and make sure that you don’t live for money or you will become money slave. It is just a tool in our life and feel good about it. Avoid negative emotion such as greed. Just keep it in simple ways and you will be happy with the money.


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