How to Spot a Gold Digger

Do you want to marriage? Do you know about your couple? Will he/she help you with your finance or just to steal your money? Kevin O’Leary from book ‘Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women & Money ‘ give this advice to spot a gold digger :-

1) They seem to live beyond their means.
– This people absolutely just don’t know how to handle their money.You will take a big risk if choose him/her as your wife/husband. Nowaday, not only Material Girl but also Material Men. Keep out with this people.

2) They have no discernible employment or goals in life beyong being available to you
– No vision to the future? It is not good couple because he/she won’t help you to prepare for your financial management.

3) They bring up money way too soon
– Okay, I don’t really understand this point but probably show that he/she maybe lending money somewhere.

4) They expect you to pay for everything

– This kind of couple will make you headache. Marriage is to share and you will get problem if married with this person.

5) They constantly hint at things they’d like you to purchase or pay for.
– Okay thing again with this person. You could bankrupt one day.

6) They’re willing to date someone a lot older and a lot uglier than they are

– Hahaha. Funny point but in reality there’s many people like this.

7) They’re cagey about discussing their future or their past, especially other wealthy people they have dated
– They keep secret from you. It is dangerous.

That’s only some point. No matter your opinion of gold diggers, we can all learn something from them- the importance of talking about money in relationships. How can one not have a grudging respect for that.

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