How to Stay Productive at Work During the Holidays

How to Stay Productive at Work During the Holidays

It’s holiday season! And it’s freezing outside. However, no matter the weather outside, you’re still stuck inside the office dealing with papers all day while your boss goes to sunny beaches for a week. It is discouraging, when you look outside and all you can see is gray sky. With majority of people use their time to go on a vacation, it leads to an empty office. So, can we stay motivated when we are the one that left behind?

Try these tips below to powerfully end 2019.

Clean out your workplace
It takes some time to go through your closet, desk, filing cabinet, email, and whatever to pick which items you need and which can be discarded. Cleaning is a good distraction from routine boredom, so find a time to do it to your workplace.

Arrange any meetings now
You can ask any potential and current clients to meet in your office now, during the holiday season. The meeting can be formal or informal it’s up to you, but be sure you have some ‘refreshments’ ready. Try serving light snacks or have a meeting at a local restaurant or coffee shop.

Start planning for 2018 schedule
Many businesses have an annual budget to spend before the said year is end. The leftover budget usually cannot be put into the next year budget, so they are ‘lost’. You can act quickly now and build some relations with those companies. Hit them up for business deals as the year starts to end, some of them will still have excess cash that will not be around next Year, so it will be an easy deal.

Take a look at your marketing plans for next year
Take a look at your plans and goals. See which ones that have been accomplished and find a new target of completion for other plans that have not accomplished yet. If you have unfinished goals, add them to the next year plan. Many people worried about next year when the end of the year comes, this is your opportunity to be one step ahead of your friends.

Go networking
When the holidays is here, you can be sure there will be a lot of holiday parties. While others are busy chatting and socializing, you on the other hand, are busy building relationships with new people you meet at those events. Keep building relationship because you will never know when they will call you up as a new client.

Have special year-end deals
If you have a small business, cut the prices and offer new packages for existing clients, or even for new clients. This is a great way to get as many clients with a strategic business. Discounts make you reach that one tough client you have spent whole year trying to get and at this time, you will have him and also a lot of bosses who want to end the year with profit.

Break out of your old routine
Try the new yoga class on your local gym, learn new language, stop eating fast food every Wednesday. No matter what it is, try something new. Break up the monotony.

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