I need new laptop : Only You Can Help Me

Don’t get wrong, this ain’t tech blog and I won’t discuss about technical part of laptop. Laptop or notebook is an important devices for blogger like me.
It is easy for me to write a blog entry especially for yourfinancialblog.com using the laptop. But my second hand laptop aging and give some problem. I know that this laptop can’t last long when I bought it 2 years ago.


Some of the component damage and it become slower. I could format it at my friends shop but it won’t be good long term solution. The best solution is buy a new one. Not just for long term project, it also update me with latest technology.
The problem is ‘where to get money to buy new laptop ?’. It is biggest question for me to answer. I’ve saving that could use to buy a new laptop but as I’m waiting for first baby than it can’t be used. The expenses for newborn will be much and the saving mostly for baby.

The other’s alternative is ‘YOU’. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t ask you to lend money because I can’t pay the debt. Donate? Maybe that’s also good one but I don’t think for this moment. You give your old laptop to me? Maybe that’s a good idea but I don’t know who are you and your place? So I won’t take the risk.
The best way is ‘EASY’. Spread this article, promote this blog via social media and give the biggest traffic for yourfinancialblog.com. That will help me to get opportunity to earn money. Maybe you can click some infolinks link that you think is good for you but don’t just play with the link or I’ll be banned.

If possible, within your help I could bring HAPPINES to others and get a new laptop. Why HAPPINES? Because there’s more article about FINANCES that help people and ME at yourfinancialblog.com. ‘ KNOWLEDGE IS POWER‘ and it could bring more HAPPINES. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Cost of new Laptop

Hm.. In my country, the cost of new laptop is about RM2,000 and it is 3/4 of my daily income. I know some of you get more paid than Me and absolutely have greater laptop on your desk. For me, I love Dell/ HP laptop as it is great quality than Lenovo/ASUS/Acer. The problem is, it is more expensive than others.

Maybe if Dell/ HP dealer read this article, he/she could donate some laptop for me.. Probably I will promote their laptop at yourfinancialblog.com for free.. Is it DREAM ?

Okay,that’s all for today. If you have time, read other’s yourfinancialblog.com article untill you sleep. ­čÖé

UNTIL TODAY, 30th August 2016 I’m still using the old laptop. Hopefully, there’s a LIGHT in the future. ┬áMaybe you can donate some cent to my paypal zzarizi [at] yahoo.com ..

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