I want your help

It may be an embarrassing thing asking for help from strangers but I still need to do it for success. I attempted to dispose of this embarrassment. Hope you did not press button  ‘x’ in the browser before finish reading this entry.

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What help do I need?

  1. I don’t need any money help but I need more readers to visit this blog. I need a loyal visitor that could help me to ensure that my blog has been read.  It’s not just an appeal but I promised to write this blog post as possible. Knowledge of finance either already in mind or elsewhere will be shared for you.
  2. Share your opinion by writing a comment. I’m not a financial expert but I know some of readers have good knowledge about finance. Not just reading, you also can share based on the entry. It will help me, my readers and you to improve our financial management. If you have any website, you can put your url and get some backlink from this blog.
  3. I’m still learning to improve my English writing and there are many grammatical errors in this blog. I can do safe way  writing in my language but that’s not challenging. I need to write in English to send my idea and knowledge worldwide. If you found any error whether it is grammatical error, words error or any error, then you can correct it. I’m writing this blog also to make me confident writing in English because there’s opportunities  if I can improve it.
  4. I want Article. Okay, I know some of my readers also knowledgeable about finance. Maybe you want to write an article but you don’t have any medium to share it.  You can share your article on this blog by sending your article to my email :- poorbloggerz@gmail.com.  You can become my guest blogger and maybe it could help me to post better article.
  5. I want you to become my friends.  I wish we can become friends. It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you are rich or poor. All of you are great people that need to improve finances whether it is personal finance, loan, financial management, etc.. Hope we can improve our life and become better and better.

Okay, lastly thanks for reading this article till the end. I’ll pray that you will success in what you are doing.


p/s :- Sorry this article is a bit out of topic and more on my personall issue. 



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