ID theft affects your finance

Reading news about ID theft is scary. There’s many people getting trouble because of the ID theft. It could effect on your credit reports and ain’t easy to clear your name. Even we have a police report but the ongoing impact in our life is big.


1. Your identity could be used for misuse thing as a police summon. I don’t know how police do their job but there’s many cases people have been summon even though he/she not in the place. Can you prove that you are not the person that being summon? It ain’t easy to prove. You need to have alibi and sometimes need to hire lawyer. Is it worthy to going court for RM300 summoned? Totally not, but will this summon effect your finance? Totally yes. And it will effect more if the summon is more than that.

2. Loan that you don’t make. It is also a serious problem. We’ve read in the newspaper how people surprised after getting fined by a bank institution of the loan that they not apply. Mostly, the problem appears before IC becomes a smart card but why the bank is so dumb to approve the loan? Or they also have their crook inside? Is it effect on your finance? It is totally effect and some of them can’t make another loan because of this problem. Want to solve it? Ain’t easy as we speak.

3. The crook uses your ID to make criminal. Have you heard about the people being identified as a criminal even though he/she not the real criminal? Other than that, there’s a crook using social media to become you in cyber. Mostly because of the theft identity card. It is not just affect your finance but also your life.

4. Your credit card being clone by that theft. Without knowing, your credit card reached the limit. Absolutely it will crash your finance. There are many cases about this and your provider can’t help you.

5. Your ID could be sold to many people. Oh my.. It will effect more in your finance. Not good.


That’s 5 way the ID theft could effect your finance. I think there’s another point that I’ve not put in this article. If you have any idea or experience about ID theft, let’s share with me. It could help us to get ready if anything happen to us. And always keep your ID in safe place. Avoid losing it. If you lose it, report it to police immediately and check to the bank institution if there any suspicion transaction.

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