I’m 37 and what my target ?

I just reached 37 last Sunday. I’m growing older but my money not really growth. My saving still not enought for my retirement and my investment is still far away from enough.
That’s a negative aspect but I know it is not too late to make money growth. The important part is how to manage and correct the expenses. I’ve plan to finish my PTPTN loan next year. It is important because I want to put that money for my boy insurance.

I’m also target to settle my car loan in 2 years. Maybe it could save early if I could consistently and pay full settlement. It is not far from my target because the balance years is only 2 1/2 years.

Nowaday, the cost especially for education become higher. It is not enough if I’m just depend on my salary. I’ve aim to develop some system that could generate money. My dream that the project will become higher and I could put it as my lifelong project.

I’m also planned to retired before 50 years old. Not too long and not too short. No, I can’t work at 60s and getting scold from the boss. I want to become boss and watch my boy grow.
I’m also trying to correct our finance management mistake in the past. Spend below within and invest carefully. I’ve invest some of my company money at CWA and probably it will growth.
Other than that, I’m trying to enhance my knowledge. Becoming expert in one field and it could help to become successfully. I want to be entreprenuer in the future and I need to start as early now.
It is a big challenge as it is not easy but I need to do it. Now, my brother has an experience in marketing and I think I will use his expertise in 5 years onward. He is sell machine for factory and have many network. Maybe he also learn skill how to communicate to each other.
That skill could help me to build a company. Hopefully the future is bright for us.

Okay, that’s all for today. I think 37 years old is not late. Pray for me to become more success in the future.

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