Infographic : The Cost of Financial Stress at Work –American employees

This infographic maybe about American employee but it still can related to others countries too. Do you know that many American businesses lose an overwhelming $300 billion per year due to stress. Isn’t that a huge amount that cause of stress.

I’ve found the infographic from StartUpNation which is good and we can use it to our office. Look at the infographic below



How about that? Can you related it with your workplace? If you own the company, you need to think something about it. You need to educated your workers about financial stress. It will effect their productivity in the office.

Mostly the worker with financial problem will cause problem to your organization. They will have discipline problem and also could commit crime such as steal your company goods and many other things.

So, educate your worker as they know about their financial management. Don’t be stingy to pay financial advisory to teach them a financial education.

Running a business, any business, is about being able to earn more money than you
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