Is small business ownership for you ?

Small business ownership is one way to make business but not all suitable with this. Many small business can’t sustain as it need big commitment from the owner. Do you want to own a small business? Is it a business right for you? Let’s read this point

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  • Owning a small business is more interesting work.
  • Presumably you want to start a business because it’s something about which you’re passionate. For example, you love at photographer and you want to sell your expertise. This is very appealing for people who are stuck in a job that they hate or that simply doesn’t challenge them.
  • In my case, my love is writing and using my writing skill to earn some money. I love money so I built this blog to explore and learn about it. I’m not finance expert but I’m passionate about it. Honestly, I’m still stuck in a job that I’m not loved anymore but I’ve target to change my life another 2-3 years.

  • Entrepreneurs can set their own schedules
  • Own a small business could bring you FREEDOM from BOSS. You become boss on the company and you don’t need to think much about the lower staff. You also could set your work schedule. No need to go office on 8am to 5 pm everyday. It is exhausted. BUT don’t think it is as easy like that. Owning a BUSINESS you must know your target. Lower target will make you suffer as you need a stable income for your business.


  • Entrepreneurs work harder but they also directly benefit
  • Maybe you get Freedom from being scolded by boss but you also could be scold by client. It is not guarantee your work is only 8 hour. With the small business, you could see the result of your hard work. It is different of the big business as sometimes you don’t satisfied your reward.
  • Unlimited earnings and growth potential.
  • Self-employed people earn higher incomes than employees. It’s important to note, however that there’s a wider variance in incomes among the self-employed, and earnings are lower at first, then grow and surpass the income of traditional employees.

As we know, business is about taking a risk. There are no guarantees, either as a salaried employee or a small business owner, but there are ways to increase chances of succeeding as an entrepreneur through careful planning.


Source :_- Money Management

There are many online businesses that you could opt for, but first, you need to
Just like any other social relationship, the one that you have with your business partners

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