Items Under $5 that made millionaire

Do you believe the title? I’m not too but just read the article from Investopedia how the items that cost under $5 but the value could make a million in some cases

1. Crazy Straw

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The inventor, Arthur P.Gildersleeve invent a straw. Who don’t know about straw? The invention is simple but it became a success and all over the stores sell this invention for many decade. How much cost a straw in your country? I won’t think it is above $5 .

2. Slinky

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Slinky is a simple invention by Richard James in 1945. Over 300 million have been sold around the world and still useful untill today in most kids room.

3. Pet Rock.

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Okay, I’m not really familiar with this item and look funny items. But the Gary Dahl idea using a box along with a rock make him a millionaire. The Pet Rock are faded now but the joke item could lead to a fortune.

4. Antenna Ball

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Look at the picture below. How come this make the inventor become millionaire? Maybe you will ask the same question like me.. Jason Wall started to design this antenna balls in 1997 and succes in selling it.

5. Koosh Ball

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Okay, this item always being sell especially at street market near my house. The simple ball invention by Scott Stillinger in 1987 make him richer.

Source Image and Article :- Investopedia
So, that’s a simple and cheaper invention but could lead them to become millionaire. So, why wait. Find your own invention now. Heheheheh (me too.)

Okay this article is not suitable for me as I'm on 40s this year but
To become richer is our dream. It is also a great life if we got

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