Jobs with the most vacation time

Do you like jobs that give you opportunity to have vacation time? Isn’t it cool work while go to another country and spend time to go vacation? has make survey based on average American worker to get the jobs with the most vacation time :-

Civil Engineer
Median Annual Salary: $63,200
Vacation: 3.2 Weeks
Though a major responsibility for most civil engineers is to supervise construction projects, many spend plenty of time at their desks designing and managing the details. Bardaro says that, like their counterparts in finance, engineers are well-paid professionals with relatively structured hours who enjoy a full additional week of time off compared with the national median.

Programmer Analyst
Median Annual Salary: $66,000
Vacation: 3.1 Weeks
Mark Zuckerberg may have made all-night “hackathons” popular at Facebook, but most programmers write and analyze code by the light of day. Specializing in a few different programming languages is common, but programmers may want to learn some foreign languages as well so they can enjoy international travel during their more than three weeks off.

Financial Controller
Median Annual Salary: $70,600
Vacation: 2.7 Weeks
It doesn’t get more buttoned up than managing an organization’s budget, analyzing bank and vendor statements, and developing strategies to meet long-term financial goals. To beat the stress of keeping balance sheets in the black, controllers are rewarded with nearly three weeks of vacation.
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Marketing Manager
Median Annual Salary: $63,100
Vacation: 2.7 Weeks
Capturing consumers’ attention in a competitive marketplace is a full-time job with round-the-clock stress. Close to three weeks of vacation provides a break from this fast pace, allowing marketing managers to escape to tropical beaches for a little “market research.”

Operations Manager
Median Annual Salary: $57,000
Vacation: 2.7 Weeks
These professionals keep an eye on day-to-day company operations to ensure that business runs smoothly. To unplug, escape and relax, they earn almost three weeks of vacation, where their only concern, ideally, should be balancing rest and adventure.

Executive Assistant
Median Annual Salary: $43,600
Vacation: 2.3 Weeks
Booking travel arrangements for executives is just a small part of the intense juggling act that defines the careers of executive assistants. More than two weeks of vacation gives them freedom to take a break from the demands of others and perhaps enjoy some travel themselves.

Source :- Career Service
All jobs are great but can’t beat freelance, insurance, blogger. They have their own time rather than work and vacation on the same time.

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