Just change my new wallet

Hello all my beloved readers. It’s a tough year as economy is not good. The petrol price hike up this month while our salary still the same.
Wasting money is unacceptable while saving is not an option. It is a must for all of us.


Wallet is a place to put your money and it is important thing to have. My current wallet is from my wedding gift. It is 1 1/2 years of age and unfortunatley it is damage.
The cost of the wallet is RM80.00 from the brand Alfio Raldo. I just bought the wallet from Parkson at Melaka Mall. The price is not worthy and look expensive. I thought the brand wallet could be last at least 5 years but my prediction is wrong.
After 1 1/2 years there’s a hole in the leather and it need to change before my money gone without being noticed. My latest wallet has been bought at Mydin Jasin. The cost of my new wallet is RM7.90. Hopefully this wallet could last at least a year as I don’t want to change my wallet regularly.

Is it funny when I’ve expensive wallet but my money is always not adequate every month. The important of wallet is to put some money and not all money. I hope the new wallet also bring prosperity to me. Who knows? Using that cheaper money will help me to use it wisely.

What I put in my wallet ?

Everybody use wallet for this common thing :-

  • Put money. It is from note and coin. Absolutely most of us want to throw coin as it will weighted our wallet.
  • Put ATM card. It is important to put ATM card in our wallet but not bring along the PIN number in the wallet. Otherwise, someone could use it after steal your wallet.
  • Debit card. I’m not use credit card. I just have Public Bank Debit Card for online purpose but for this time the money in the debit card is low. I need fund for that account especially to pay domain at Godaddy and using it for facebook promotion.
  • Identification card and license card. It is part of law to have this identification card and license card to show to our authority. It a must to put in at the proper place.
  • Medical Card. I’ve medical card for hospital purpose.
  • Marriage Card. Also important if there’s any authority need to check whether I’m married or not. It is also important to know what my wife IC number for form purpose.


Okay, I know this article is just a personal for myself but I think most of us have wallet. We have to use it for our spending purpose. How about you? What about your wallet? Do you own an expensive wallet and how to use it? Just share with me. Maybe I’ll write the importance of wallet in my next article if I get information.. Isn’t it great?

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