Living in a Tiny House

Living in a space that measures a mere 168 square feet. Maybe you think it is place for poor people that don’t have any money to earn and live hardly. In the rural mountains of Virgina, Heri, her husband Karl and their two young children Archer and Ella live happily at the house. It happen after they forced to give up their 1,500 square foot due to financial struggles. After that, they building a new tiny house with just $13,000. It is lucky that, Karl’s is a handyman.
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While this Tiny House is temporaty, they set to build a bigger home that 100% mortgage free. They are on the track to build it after saving amount of money living in the place. Living in smaller house make they changed their living. Now, they growing their own fruits and vegetables which lets them to eat healthier and cut their grocery bill. Hari and Karl also changed jobs that be less paying than before. Both of them have new jobs which provides more time for them to work on the next house.
Hari also make a blog called . Their children also can adopt with their new life and really busy playing outdoors and helping their parent on their three-acre property.

Source :- Finance Yahoo
Some of us think a big house can give happy family. It is not really right. The best is how you use the space wisely.

Investing for the future, for many people, seems like a virtual impossibility. Many individuals entering

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