Illegal Foreign Currency Trading

Have you heard about foreign currency trading? Maybe some of you know about the scheme. But do you know that some of the foreign currency trading is illegal? There’s a syndicate of illegal foreign currency that promise you a big profit.



The company of illegal currency trading usually :-

1. Show the hype advertisement to ensure people listen of their marketing planning. They are very professional and can make you believe it.
2. Operate based on outside country.
3. Have their own office.
4. Provide training for potential worker in foreign currency and give training about foreign currency based on fake transaction.
5. Hire a worker based on commision and never give letter of appoitment.

How they attract prey

1. Show the marketing strategy that promises high profits in a short time.
2.Displays professional images and highly reputable.
3. llow their investors to manage their trading accounts via the internet.
4. Have equipment sophisticated transactions that show the movement in exchange rates. Give the impression that it is a legitimate business professionals from law.
5. Investors are asked to sign a contract deal which usually is between investors and the holding company.

How to avoid become a victim

1. Never believe a unrealistic profit promise.
2. Beware of sending money through the internet or mail.
3. Make sure you get the company’s track record.
4.Ask enough questions before making a decision.

Hope we can avoid from the illegal currency trading. Get advice from an expert or your local government.

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