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Without doubt the direct debit is the hot pursuit mode of payment and it is regarded as the simplest way for the organizations to collect or gather revenue. Slowly but gradually the Paperless Direct Debit is replacing the traditional mode of money transactions that was prevalent in the market. The direct debit is also regarded as paperless money transaction service present for the customers.

 If we want to classify paperless direct debit we will broadly divide it into below given categories

 Direct debit sign up of online nature

 The players of online smart debit have the ability to fill the form of data entry type directly on the website of the direct debit service. Also the form can be pre-filled by capturing previous data.


Direct debit sign up of telephonic method

 In the telephonic sign up process the payers read script of short size and then offer their name, address, and vital bank detail directly into the online portal of the direct debit service. The given bank account of the account holder will be checked in real time and in case any error arises the customer is offered the option to confirm their sign up with the payer on the spot.

Direct debit sign up of face to face type

 In the direct debit sign up of face to face nature a laptop or smarter device is used and with its help the customers log on to the admin of smart direct debit and then information is fed into it. The data is then captured validated and with the pier and then checked as per the rules of the direct debit scheme. The direct debit paperless scheme will then automatically email payer which confirms the given arrangement.

The direct debit service of paperless nature or type has many advantages for its users and it is fast replacing the conventional mode of money transaction that is present in the market. As it is paperless in its form therefore it does not put any harmful effect on the environment or eco-system. It makes the lives of the customer relaxed and hassle free. Apart from various other benefits some of the benefits of Paperless Direct Debit are listed below

·         Lower down the use of paperwork that is associated with conventional mode of money transaction.

·         The other brighter aspect of the paperless direct debit process is that it provides quick turnaround to its customers.

·         The paperless direct debit technique helps in improving the accuracy of the transaction services that are offered to the customers.

·         Apart from the above given advantages the paperless direct debit offers a 24 hour customer care service to its customers in order to help them solve their queries regarding the paperless direct debit service.

·         Perhaps the biggest advantage of the paperless direct debit service is that it is paperless in its operation, hence is not harsh on the environment.

Due to its various advantages the Paperless Direct Debits from Smart Debit service is fast becoming the preference of a majority of the customers.

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