Lori Greiner book : Invent It, Sell It, Bank It! : Make Your Million-Dollar Idea into a Reality

I’m Lori Greiner diehard fans, hahaha. Just kidding.. I just know about her from Shark Tank reality tv. She’s cute. But that not the reason I’ll write in this article. It is about her famous book entitled ‘Invent It, Sell It, Bank It : Make Your Million-Dollar Idea into a Reality’.

Lori Greiner Sell It Invent It Book
Lori Greiner Sell It Invent It Book

Who is Lori Greiner? Before this I don’t know about her but as I watch the Shark Tank series, I’ve search about her profile. Lori Greiner is one of America’s most successful, prolific and sought-after entreprenuer.
Not only entrepreneur and investor, she also inventor. In the Shark Tank, she has been called “The Queen of QVC”. She also had her own program on QVC called ‘Clever & Unique Creations Show“.
Her company ‘For Your Ease Only,Inc‘ has been established in 1996 which does product development and marketing.

She is from Near North Side, Chicago and daughter or a real estate developer and psychologist. She had majored in Communications, focusing on journalism, television and film at Loyola University Chicago.
She has helped launch more than 400 products and hold 120 U.S and international patents. It is a huge amount of investment that she has been done.

She started her invention with an earring holder in 1997 and grew it into a multimillion-dollar family of businesses with products on QVC and in the world’s biggest retailers.


Like others succesful people, she also write a book and it become a bestseller. The book entitled ‘ Greiner, Lori – Invent It, Sell It, Bank It! : Make Your Million-Dollar Idea into a Reality‘.
The book is a hands-on to getting a new product or comapny off the ground and making it profitable. She share her own formula and personal stories that make her success.

The ‘Invent It, Sell It, Bank It : Make Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality ‘ book covers such topic as :-
– Market Research
– Product Design
– Funding
– Manufacturing
– Protecting Your IDea
– The secrets to selling successfully

This book has become national bestseller. Anyone with a passionate idea or looking to start their own business will find Invent It, Sell It, Bank It! to be invaluable.By getting insight into Greiner’s experiences readers get a glimpse into the future and learn what unexpected issues every entrepreneur should expect.

One of her quote in this book
“I create or invest in solutions to problems I’ve witnessed or experienced myself. I try to make products that make people’s lives easier and better. I won’t sell anything that I wouldn’t want to use myself.
You shouldn”t either. It’s easy to spot products that were designed by an inventor or companyy just out for a buck. You can always tell when making money, and not providing service, value or quality was at the forefront of the designer’s mind.”

Watch her interview with Queen Latifah

Her interiview with CBS

Don’t Google her book. There’s many scam that just want your attention. Get her book at Amazon.com for hardcover book or Kindle Edition. Click  below picture and buy it…

This book is so inspiring. The important thing is how we follow her advice and experience based on our situation. I’ve some application system that need to become my product. Hopefully this book could help me to become success entreprenuer.

Okay, maybe some of you have watched this reality television series entitled 'Shark Tank'. I'm

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