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Have you received your bonus? . Some of company will give bonus for the company profit. Some of us don’t really know how to manage bonus. Let’s read this tips that helpful for you to manage bonus.

1. Let’s calculate your taxes and pay it fast.
2. Save ½ of your bonus. Invest in saving policy like public mutual.
3. Make sure you save your bonus to emergency funds. Sometimes you need the emergency fund especially for car or house repair. You also needed the emergency fund to renew road tax, license, etc..
4. Pay extra for your loan. It is good to ensure you can settle loan fast than expected.
5. Review your budget. Manage your budget and make sure the bonus can help in your financial.
6. Pay any bill early than before.
7. Make a list of needs and buy the important only.
8. Meet financial advisor. They can advice how to spend your bonus wisely.
9. Pay your insurance policy for a year.

That’s some of the tips how to manage your bonus. Whatever the decision you make, don’t regret in the future.


This is old post. I’ve published it on 19 Nov 2009. As I’ve written after 3 years I thought there’s more tips to include such as :-

1.  Invest in knowledge. Hey, you can earn more if you have more knowledge. Go to seminar, courses that could help you to earn money.  For example, you can go to seminar on how to make money through blogging. The knowledge can double your bonus if you use the correct way. That’s why you need knowledge. If you don’t like to go seminar, courses , just buy a book and you will gain many knowledge ( but you must buy suitable book).

2. Donate some of the bonus. Don’t afraid that your money will decrease. You will get more from God after that. Believe this concept because many rich people have do this way. Keep the receipt and you can get tax rebate.

3.  Bonus is reward for your work . Keep up the good job and work harder. Maybe next year your bonus will be increase.

4. Don’t follow your friend’s bad habit. Some of your friend’s will invite you to go party at the club after received bonus. That’s not good for your pocket. Enjoy in the club need more than $1,000 (if I’m not wrong, I’ve never been to disco /club) per day. It is huge money and will decrease your bonus money.

5. Use the bonus to get property. Okay, some of our bonus won’t enought to buy property, so just collect it for down payment and legal fees. Invest in property will double your bonus and also could become our passive income. More satisfy than receive a bonus yearly.


Okay, that’s all my point on how to manage bonus. Do you have any idea to manage bonus? Let’s share with me and it will help..


Bonus , it is a great news from our boss.  When we being told that

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