Mastering Online Auctions as a Source of Steady Income

Long gone are the times when selling stuff online was for businesses only – now anyone can sell almost anything. Online auctions became particularly popular, especially after the boom that eBay made, and they are quite superior since there are no physical limitations of traditional auctions such as time, space, and small target audience. For some, online auctions are a way of filling the gaps in the household budget, while the others use them as a source of steady income. Although it may seem hard getting to the point where you earn for living by online auctioning, the professional online auctioneers say basically anyone can do it.

Get curious

Before you start making serious money from online auctioning, you need to familiarize yourself with the process. The best way of learning is through experience so get ready to start a game of trial and error. For starters, buy something on an online auction to see how it works from the customer’s perspective. Thoroughly read the instructions and rules on the auctioning website you chose. Browse through various items to get a sense of prices and the bidding process. Get familiar with payment and shipping methods to see what will work best for you.

Give it a try

Professional online auctioneers usually buy stuff somewhere and then resell them to gain profit. But, ask any of them and they’ll tell you the same thing – they all started by selling some of their personal stuff. This might be the perfect opportunity to finally declutter and organize your attic. You know what they say – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, for online auctioneers, those are the words to live by. Browse through existing online auctions and see for yourself – even broken electronic devices can be sold for parts so make sure you don’t throw out anything before trying to sell it online. For example, this Australia’s website for online auctions is specialised in machinery and electronic items. Eventually, you will find your niche so you’ll need to choose your auctioning platform in accordance to your goods.


Do the simple math

Once you’ve cleared out your basement, you’ll need to start buying things and reselling them in order to make some money. There are numerous ways to supply yourself but, of course, you must try a few things and see what works best for you. Make sure you check out yard sales, flea markets, freebies sections of various websites, online auctions, etc. Once you decided to sell something you need to do the most basic thing – calculate whether you’re going to earn some money. Add fees and shipping costs to the price you paid for the item and see if you’re going to be able to sell it for more. If yes, congratulations – you made a profit. If not, try a different approach. It’s as simple as that. Once you start having multiple auctions, you’ll need some help in automating the auction process and dealing with items and bidders, so choose your auction software wisely.

Stand out

Always have in mind that you’re not the only one trying to make money through online auctioning and just like in any business – you need to do better than the competition. It’s time to upgrade your copywriting skills to get your auctions noticed. Research keywords other seller use to find out what people are tapping into the search engine. Of course, you’ll need to have an outstanding customer service skills meaning you’ll need to be patient and persistent. The key is in setting up a clear set of rules – about payment and shipping options and all of the other things your customers would like to know. Also, you need to be available so reply to your messages and requests in a timely manner.

In the end, online auctioning is like any other business. That means that you’ll get the right reputation by playing fair. As a consequence, your business will grow and little by little – your income from online auctioning will become steady.

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