McDonald’s and Starbuck’s CEOs Make More Than $9,200 An Hour

We all know that being CEOs make you rich but not the workers especially those work in retail jobs. In US, it has been debate as the workers need to raise the minimum wage of $7.25 to $10.10. In the research from NerdWallet, examined the pay disparities at 100 fast food and retail chains in the US and found that the highest annual CEO earn 874 times more per hour than a sales associate.

Look at their table below

It show that McDonald’s Dollar General and Gap pay their CEOs an hourly ‘wage’ above the sample median of $7,334 but pay their workers an hourly wage below the sample median of $8.73 while Walmart, CVS and Best Buy pay their CEOs an hourly ‘wage’ below the CEO sample median but pay their workers an hourly rate above the sample median. Starbucks and AT&T pay both their CEOs and worker above the sample median rates. AT&T’s average worker hourly wage is the highest in the sample because it represents the rate for retail sales consultants. The Starbucks hourly wage is for baristas who must have specialized knowledge of coffe preparation.

How about that? Do you want to become CEO or only a worker? You decide by yourself.

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