Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

Hello my beloved Yourfinancialblog Reader. How about your holiday? And how about your pocket? Is it still in good condition or burst before new year?
I hope your money still in control as 2017 there’s more challenging years especially on economy. You need to change your lifestyle and try saving as much as you can and invest in the secure place.

For those who will celebrated Christmas, I wish you merry Christmas and keep control your spending. If you want to buy last minute gift, try buy at Amazon. There’s many offer to buy for gift. If you want to buy for yourself, wait until new year and hopefully the price could decreased.
I’m on holiday but need to do some research as I’ve plan to invest more in 2017. My target is to invest at SSP BSN and fixed deposit. My aim is to put RM1,000-RM1,500 for 4 months and get some competitive dividend. Maybe the dividend could be use for my insurance car that will be end on June 2017.
Other than that, I could put some money as I’ve plan to full settlement my car loan next year. Hopefully I could achieve it. If I could settle my loan car next year, I could have around RM500 balance which could be use for my next house as an investment asset.

Next year could be challenging and there’s a people who will sell their property below market value. I will chase it as I know many people can’t afford mortgage and just rent the house.
As the festive will steal your money, I think it is better to keep quiet in house and spend time to get knowledge on how to make money. Don’t throw your money as there’s no guarantee the economy will stability next 2 years.

Okay, that’s all. This holiday I need to meet a banker to reschedule my housing payment, check about My CWA investment and learn more about property investment. Wish me luck..

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