Millionaires in the making

I’ve admire millionaires and I want to become a millionaire in future. I just found article about millionaire in the making and I’ll like to share it


1.Paul Attar ,41,  San Antonio–  Property and small-business owner ,

Net Worth  :$550,000

–          He is a scientist who co-found a medical research company in 2006. But he’s source of income is actually from real estate. He owns 2 rental properties on his own and with business partner, they buys home priced $150,000 – $300,000 using 10 years loans.

–          He has long term goal to own 10 properties that could generates $15,000 per month by 60.

2. Tim and Karen Moyer , 44 & 48,Moorestown, N.J – Public school teacher and stay at-home mom

Net Worth : $585,000

–          Quite surprised when know about their jobs. They are common people but their saving is absolutely fantastic. They just focus on the portfolio investment

3. David Vavrasek, 32,Brooklyn, N.Y – Senior VP of human resources at a financial services company

Net Worth : $650,000

–          His job as senior VP ain’t easy. But David cope it and using his experience to get more salary and it means more money to save.

4. Steven Berry, 34 , New Meadows,Idaho– President ofBatteryUniverse

Net Worth :- $500,000

–          As a businessman, it is not surprise to see that he could become next millionaire. He know how to enhancing his company value by diversify his revenue base. He using franchised business to increase sales and profit.


5. Victor Ko, 35,Philadelphia– Hospital physician

Net Worh : $500,000

–          He not just depends on his salary as a hospital physician. He know how to save by live in a smaller home than he can afford. He invest in low cost index funds, buy groceries in bulk, clip coupons, skip cable and drive cars with more than 100,000 miles. And he is currently saves 40% to 50% of his income.

That’s 5 people that will become millionaire. Some of them I’ve expected will be millionaire in such a short time and maybe some of them will take time..
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Will I become millionaire in making? Maybe. Just wait in the future..


Are you a millionaire ? If yes, then you are in the millionaire club. Am
Who don't want to be a millionaire ? I'm one of it. But it ain't

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