Missed Calls that will stole your credit

Okay, after writing about hottest scams in Malaysia, now I share another new method to steal your money and information. The latest is using warning about missed calls or sms. The rumor said that if you call back the number, you will be charge $15-$30 and your contact will be copied.
I dunno if this is true or not but I’ve received a missed calls from weird number. I think it is better not to call because I don’t give my number to any foreign people or have any friends that worked oversea. I’m suspect that it is a scam and won’t call back.

Read this news

PETALING JAYA: If you receive a missed call from any number beginning with +375, +371 and +081, do not call back.

Police have detected a new “missed call” scam that preys on mobile phone users.

The scam works by giving mob­ile phone users a missed call using the international number.

When a user calls back, he or she will be hit with hefty phone charges.

Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department director Comm Datuk Syed Ismail Syed Azizan said his department was aware of the scam.

“Based on our initial investigations, mobile phone users will receive a missed-call from +375602605281, +37127913091 and other international phone numbers beginning with +375, +371 and +081.

“When the person calls the number back, they are charged with hefty rates,” he told The Star.

Premium Rate Service is a telephone service that provides recorded information or live conversation for callers.

Callers will only realise they have been slapped with the hefty charges when they get their monthly phone bills.

He said that although there had not been any police reports lodged, his department would investigate the matter further.

“We are trying to establish if the scam is conducted by foreign or local syndicates,” he said, advising users not to return calls to phone numbers that are not familiar.

Source :- TheStar

Do you have any experience received the numbers that you don’t know? Let’s share with me. Maybe it will help us to prevent any damage to our finance.

I just get info from one of my facebook friends  about hottest scams in Malaysia.

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