Money is not important. Hypocrite or not

Hello.. Have you read or heard this statement ‘ money is not important’. I’ve heard this statement million times from a people that still work ‘9 to 5’ and make a personal loan. I want to laugh when they talk about this. I don’t say the money is the most important thing in our life but it is still important part in our life.

Money is important in our life and it can make us happy if we know how to spend wisely. If we have enough money in our retirement, our future could be happy. I think the people who said money is not important whether they are really from rich family or really poor. In our modern area, money become high priority but doesn’t become slave to money. Make money work for us and not we just become money chaser. The money chasing are wrong because it could make us greedy and that’s could occur problem. The people with chasing attitude will do many bad things just to get money. Because the attitude to chase money, they make criminal such as stealing, illegal business, scammer and others bad action.

For me, we need to educate ourselves about money and then we can appreciate money. The money can become our friends and not our enemy. In our life there’s many of us make money as an enemy. How can that happen? Look at my point below


  1. You make money as an enemy because you don’t love it. How to love money? Love your money not like love human. You don’t need to kiss, hug your money. What you need to do is appreciate every cent you spend. It is important to love your money even though it is not a live thing.
  2. You think your money is for you only. The greedy make others people jealous and give negative impact to you. The money grow your enemy without you know.
  3. You keep on making loan especially personal loan. It is one of worst enemy in your life because most of people that make personal loan couldn’t make it as a profit. You can make personal loan but you must make it as an investment and growth your money. The responsibility to pay loan could give more headache to you.

That’s just my point. Maybe some of you disagree what I’ve though. As I’ve mention, I think money is important and you can do many things with money. Maybe money can’t buy happiness but you also can’t happy if you don’t have money. Am I right? Just share your thought below if you have any different opinion.

When you are trying to save money and set up a budget, you may be
Going shopping in supermarket will slash money than your budgetting if you not properly plan.

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