Money management tips for university students

Now, university students, such as loss of direction when you wish to manage their money. As a result a lot of money used for things lost than what is necessary. Accept that you are still learning and there is no income for you to enjoy, but the money to survive in the university itself.


To help the students manage money, this article provides some tips on money management for university students.

1. Always record the flow of money in and out.

Note the outflow of your money every day. With this, you will always be aware of your current money situation. See if you remove the expense is necessary or not. If not, you reduce terebut act.

2. Plan your own budget.

With money available, you plan your own budget. First payment of fees, academic, food and shelter. Do not use the money for fun, but it certainly is more money.

3. Save receipts for each purchase.

Save receipts for each purchase. With this, you have a record of each purchase. Each month, the trace back where your money is in use.

4. Save money not in use.

If there is no need to use the money, save only for students of the world is full of surprises. Sometimes, there’s always something that needs to be paid as the association fees and so on. For safety, you save the money is not used and only spend when the semester is over.

5. Avoid debt

Do not owe for any purpose whatsoever. Debt means you will spend more of your ability. Debt will be the burden on providers begin to charge debt owed by you.

6. Buy all academic requirements before buying anything else.

Because you’re learning, all need to precede academic affairs. In the first week of the semester, you complete all academic requirements and save some money if there is a sudden expense.

7. Avoid follow friends who have a lot of money.

If you have no money, do not follow your friends as much money or those who are extravagant. Fear – fear of your future also shipped with wasteful spending.

8. Join the campus activities.

To manage your money, you must have strong discipline. To teach you the meaning of discipline, you can participate in campus activities and actively involved in associations, clubs and so on.

9. Buy items that you think you will use only?

If you do not use such items as jewelry, do not buy. Your act will only be wasting your money immediately.

10. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Quitting smoking and eating unhealthy food. Stay healthy by exercising so you do not get sick, and money for health can be reduced.

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