Money Mismanagement kill your marriage?

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Okay. Do you agree with the title? . Money means more than just a currency or a piece of paper written with some sign. It can become important thing in our life especially when you are marriage and have a family. Many couple just think about love when they marriage. They don’t learn how to manage their money before their marriage ceremony. It is not a good idea as marriage will cost much money than you expected.


Money Before Marriage: A Financial Workbook for Engaged Couples

You must know, marriage is to make family and when you have family, you need much money to survive. Nowaday, money is  even go restroom you must prepare a couple of cent.That’s show how important we need to have education about money management before start a family.

It is a must for couple to manage their money as soon as possible. Couple need to sharing their goals, planning for their future, investment and other’s money management. You need to know your partner’s planning for their money. Maybe there’s a differentiate between the couples but they must overcome with the solution.

Some of couples make their money as an individual. It is not good because your partner need to know the expenses. Money management is not difficult. What you need is make a budget and implement it.

If the couple can’t manage their money, the marriage will be in trouble. There’s many divorce cases cause because of money management. It will happen if you take easy on money management in your marriage.

|Tips to save money during wedding ceremony |

Maybe money can’t buy love but love can’t buy you food, car, etc.. It is a need to have adequate money to living happily. You don’t need to become millionaire to have happy family. As long you know how to spend wisely it is enough. Always know your limit in spending, invest properly and gain knowledge about money. For more tips about money before marriage, get the book below

I just read about a Q&A at finance Yahoo about people dating someone with a
The traditional ways of making money are almost extinct. That’s why more and more people

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