Money Mistake That COuld Ruin our Finance

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I think most of us make money mistake in the life but do we revise what mistake we make? Just find the 5 money mistake from Yahoo and agree about it. This is the 5 mistake :-

1. Lacking Long-term disability insurance
// I think most of us don’t have any long term disability insurance. It can help to replace our income while we’re unable to work. This is vital especially if your work is high risk work.

2. Failing to Review Taxes
// Most of us just paying taxes without looking if you can cut the tax. Signing taxes without reviewing is risky. Maybe there are mistakes like underreported income or questionable deductions, you will be on to look for an audit or get fine. It will cost your finance.

3.Confusing Debt “Settlement” with Debt “Management”
// Do you really know about debt settlement and debt management difference? Try to understand the meaning of this debt and don’t confuse it.

4. Closing a Credit Card Account
// YOu don’t need to closing credit card account. Credit card’s limit can help strenngthen your credist score. Pay the card and just to keep it ‘active’ enough.

5. Not Knowing All Your Financial Passwords
// You must know your financial password. Make sure you have all the account password.

Source :- SHine Yahoo

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