My 2014 Resolution for Finance and Yourfinancialblog

Hello.. Okay, maybe a bit late to write about 2014 resolution but I think it is still early days in 2014 so there’s still a time for me to reveal my 2014 resolution. As I’ve wrote about my 2014 wishlist , in this entry I’ll write a resolution about finance and yourfinancialblog. This is my 2014 resolution :-

1) BudgetLoan
– I’m target to settle my education loan (PTPTN) this year. There’s only RM4,+++ balance. Maybe I could finish it if I pay RM400 per month but it is impossible if I can’t get any extra income especially from blog. If you want to help me, support this blog by reading and share this blog to your friends. It will help to increase traffic and also an extra income. Other’s loan such as car loan and house loan is too much to settle in short time.

3) Business
– In 2014, I hope that my business will be growth. Maybe my pineapple farm will fail but I think there’s any other business project that I could involved. Maybe I’ll start again craft project as facebook page Craftzee growth and have potential.

4) Yourfinancialblog
– My resolution for this blog is to write more unique post. Okay, honestly many article has been copy paste and republish in yourfinancialblog. A unique article has been write if I get an idea (like this article) or get any guest post from other’s author. If you have any article about finance and it is good, I’ll try to publish it at
– Other than that I want this blog could reach more than 100 unique visitor per day. Current visitor is below 50 and sometimes only 10 readers. It is fail for blogger like me.
– Get extra income from The main source is from third party advertising such as infolinks , chitika ,amazon, private advertising and etc. Hopefully I could earn US 100 per month consistently by that source. Maybe it take times as the blog still underachievement.

Okay, that’s my top 2014 resolution for finance and yourfinancialblog. Hope I could achieve it.

Happy new year to readers. As we reached another year, resolution is a must
Hello all of my beloved reader. Only a couple an hour before year 2012 end

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