My Dream Business

I just think of the topic. Have a business and run away from current office work. It is my dream to become a successful businessman in the future and this is some of my dream business.


1. Business through blog. I’ve many blog but I think is the most potential blog that I’ve own. The blog is about automotive and there’s many opportunity to get money from that blog. If the blog gain popularity, I could hire freelance reporter to get new information about automotive. The popularity of that blog could give other’s opportunity and I could optimize it. I could make an automotive forum, automotive website, t-shirt and others related to automotive.
Not just, there’s also opportunity for other’s blog. It ain’t easy but possible in the future. Hopefully in the future I could make some of my business as a business. It could become my monthly income in the next 10 years. I’m also dream of blogger community
2. Owning a farm. If you follow my blog, maybe you have read that I’m working on an pineapple farm. I’m dream that I could manage a big farm. Not just pineapple but also other plant such as papaya, vegetable and also rearing chickens. Agriculture is a big potential business because there’s huge demand out there. Not just because business purpose, I’m also love to working in farm. Sweat, eating fresh fruit and look the color of plant is very exciting. Maybe I can’t own a big farm but I’m worked on it. Other than pineapple farm, I’m also planning to buy inheritance land. At the land there’s a palm oil plant and it could make me some money. I hope I could learn how to utilize land for agriculture purpose and it could become my retirement fund.
3. Renting business. It is one of potential business. I’m dream that I could own a shoplots and rent to the potential customer.
4. Owning a publishing company. I like to write and read so it is a dream if I could own a publishing company. In my dream, I wish to own digital publishing. Nowaday, the digital publishing is a big potential now. The profit also huge because it is not used many capital as digital source is cheaper.

Okay, that’s 4 my dream business. I’m pray that one of dream could become reality. How about you? Do you have dream business? Let’s share with us.

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