My dream retirement

All of us have a dream retirement. It is normal to have dream about our future life. I’m also have a dream too. After we’ve a dream, we can plan to achieve and implement it. This is my dream retirement :-

1. I want to retired early. Maybe early as some of this 4 people. In my plan, I want to retire from my work as government servant before 50 years old age. Maybe the age is not suitable for me to handle pressure at work.

2. Financial freedom in retirement age. To achieve it, I must settle all loan I have. Firstly, my education loan which has balanced around $7,400. I’m consistently paid around $2++ per month. If I could continue the payment, I’ll settle it before 2015.

Second loan to settle is car loans. My loans is around 6 years balance ( I dunno what the $ balance). Maybe I’ll cut a few months because I’ve overpaid the monthly payment from $471.00 – $500.00 . It is still not enough to cut a years payment. Maybe I’ll paid more for next month and more after education loan settle in 2015. I’ll could paid $600 after the period.

The last but not least loan is my home loan. It has 25 years period and if I calculate my early retirement, it could not reach it the target. The monthly payment is $550.00. My planning is to sell the house in the future because the value is increased year by years. After sell and paid full settlement, I’ll buy some land at the village for my future home. Maybe it is not at the town and low cost land.

3. Have a passive income. To retire from work and have financial freedom, I must have source of income. The best way is to have a passive income which mean I don’t need to work to get paycheck. My main target is to write any book or compose a song. It will create passive income through royalty. I’ve work on the book skill by writing blog everyday. It could help me to achieve it on the future.
I’ve also try to create my own brand through blog. Hopefully it could success in the future.

4. Have my own company. Ops, I am already have own company but in the future I hope it could become more bigger. One of my sources company income is through blog income. Now, it is still small and the income is not enough for me to retire. Maybe after 10 years, I’ll smile after reading this entry…

5. My retirement life will be simple and relax. Maybe I’ve own a company at that time but it will be manage by my son or related families. I just collect the money and spend it. Hopefully my retirement age full of social work and get a vacation with my future wife.

Okay, that’s all my dream’s retirement. Hope I could achieve it..

p/s :- Maybe there’s many grammatical error from this entry because it is written absolutely from me without any copy paste. Yes, I’m not good in English but I need to write to learn from mistake. Correct me if you found the mistake…

Are you ready for retirement? You need to plan as soon as possible. JP Morgan
Most people would think about retirement once they approach the latter years of their life.

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