My Failure As Pineapple Farmer

I think there’s a little blogger will write about their failure as entrepreneur, businessman or otherw work. They will show their success in his/her field but in this entry I’ll share the reason I’m failed to become successfull farmer.
Pineapple is one of potential fruit as there’s many usage of this fruit. Pineapples are consumed fresh, cooked, juiced and preserved. Other than that, it could be used to produce the textile fiber pina-employed as a component of wallpaper and furnishings.

One of pineapple fruit in my farm

I’m tried this kind of business opportunity as my friends approach that his father land could become a farm. As best friends, I trusted him that could help me to make this project. We go to government agency to get advice. At last, one of agency advice us to plant pineapple farm. It is not just have big opportunity but there’s a government agency that specialist in pineapple.
As the project started, I’ve put most of my money in this project. To make this happen, my other’s friend top up the capital.
The capital is enough for us to started the project but in the middle there’s more problem occur such as :-

1. My Partner Commitment
– He’s commitment become down time to time. Before this, he promised to keep up on the project while I manage money but that’s not going happen. He just leave me alone to do all the thing including money. This is one of my biggest lesson in business partner such as :-
A) Don’t Trust Anybody.
B) Don’t Make Partner that Don’t Have Money.
C) Don’t Make Partner Who Don’t Have Any Skills.

2.No Support
– As my friends leave me alone with the project, I can’t depend on other’s to continue the project. I tried to find worker but failed. I tried to do alone but I don’t have time and can’t cope with the commitment.
– My family give support but only moral support and I can’t get up from it.
– The government agency also don’t contact me. Maybe after they look at my farm they think it is failed project.

3.No Experience
– Yeah. I don’t know nothing about pineapple before and just get guidance from book given by pineapple board agency. It is not enough as we need to learn in theory and practical. Maybe it is my first time and there’s many thing I don’t know especially about the plant. Many thing to know from how to plant, take care of weed and others that I don’t pay attention before.


4.No Mentor
– I don’t have any successful farmer to follow. It make me just doing without guidelines.

5.Lack of financial management
– The project has been used much money than expected. I just buy equipment that just used for 1-2 days only. It just a waste of my money.

That’s some reason why I failed in this project. Maybe it is lesson for me to know and get up in the future. It is failed project but there’s many project I’ll could success. Hopefully , one day I’ll come back to pineapple project..

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