My Financial Resolution 2020

Hi,.. today is 1 January 2020 and I’m on holiday. So I just wrote a simple article about my financial resolution.

1) Saving up to RM20,000. Nowaday my saving
Fixed Deposit : RM8,+++
Tabung Haji : RM 6,+++
Others Bank : RM 2,+++

Total around : RM16,+++

Need more than RM 10,+++ ( I dont count Tabung Haji as my personal saving). Which means I need to save at least RM8++ per month. It look impossible but I could do it with passion, dedication and help from God.

2) could gain traffic at least 1,000 visitor per month. Nowaday I just gain 3++ per month. With this traffic, I couldnt get any income.

3) My Homestay income could bring more than RM4++ per month. I want to give 15% of my homestay income to my youngest sister. It could help her and my mother too..

4) My stock could gain me profit at least 20%. I’ve learn many more about stock and could optimize about my knowledge in this year.

How about your resolution? Let’s share together.

This is my first post so please bear with me. ? I will give my
I just received my housing loan statement for last year from Bank Muamalat. There’s many

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