My First Invesment in Stock : Why I choose DRB Hicom

For your information, this is my first transaction in buying stock. So, this is also my first step to become a stock trader. I’m totally beginner in this type of investment.
Before this, I just read about stock and interested but not take action. After one of my friend has registered at RHB Investment bank I think it is time for me to join it.
It take times to registered my account for CDS . Nowaday I’ve a CDS with RHB Investment Bank and could do some trading.

| How I registered at RHB Investment Bank |

For starter, I’m buying 200 unit DRB Hicom stock for RM1.780 per unit. It cost me around RM36+(including fee). Why I’m buying DRB Hicom? Honestly I don’t know but I think it is a big company.
Using the news collaboration of Proton and Geely , it could boost the company market. I think it is a bit experiment for me as I want to become investor and need to learn about Fundamental Analysis.

I’ve also read DRB Hicom portfolio and they will pay dividend. The trend is around September or October. Can I get the dividend? Dunno yet. Oo I’m forgot that in 2004 , I’ve get called for interview at Wisma DRB Hicom at Shah Alam but there’s no called back. Maybe after this I could acquire some of their shares for REVENGE.. Hahahah just joking.

What Really DRB Hicom doing?

wisma DRB Hicom
Wisma DRB Hicom
  • As Fundamental Analysis (FA) I need to know about the company. As we know, DRB Hicom known about their ownership on Proton, Malaysia carmaker. But DRB Hicom also have another big business. DRB HICOM is a leading defence contractor in Malaysia involved with te development assembly and distribution of military vehicles for the Malaysian Armed Forces.
    It also including with waste management (Alam Flora Sdn Bhd), vehicle inspection (PUSPAKOM), banking (Bank Muamalat) and logistics services(POS Malaysia Berhad, Pos Aviation Sdn Bhd, Pos Logistic Sdn Bhd & Pos ACE Sdn Bhd).
    DRB Hicom also involves in property fields.

I think that’s the main reason why I choose DRB Hicom as starter as it look stable.

I’ve join group Telegram, Whatsapp and read KLSE. to find source about the market and I still learning. What second stock I will buy?
I still searching about it. I’m also like HJ Mohd Asri Fanpage. It also give many resource about stock market and I’ve registered his seminar at his website.
I’ve put target in stock and hopefully I could achieve it. For those still afraid to join stock market, could follow and see if I’m success or not.

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