My Loan Education Balance 1,700 , why I’m not pay lumpsump

Hello my beloved reader. Do you have any loan education? For me, I’ve a loan from PTPTN that being used on 1999-2002. It is about 13 years ago and the loan is about RM14,000. Nowaday the debt increase because of some additional payment.
Some of my friend suggest me to pay lumpsump as the balance is only RM1,700 which is half of my salary. But I refuse to follow his advice. Why ? Isn’t it good to finish early the payment?

PTPTN loan holders

Yes, I totally agree with his advice. Settle the loan early is great but I don’t think I’ve need to settle it as early. I’ve some money that could use for settle but it is prepared for my son aqiqah so I won’t use it. I’ve some money at my company bank account but I won’t used it as it is company money.
I don’t want to make any personal loan because it could trap me. I’ve found a friend that apply many loans before and get headache today. So, I just pay a monthly based on my budget. The budget is about RM150 per month and based on the balance, I could finish it next year. If income from online could increase, I will spend it to pay my PTPTN loan.
In this time, it is not so good. I just need to follow my budget and spend money above it. It is because my budget is tight and I need to ensure there’s no deficite before paid day.

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That’s all for today. How about you? Maybe you can share your experience settle your loan education.

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