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I’m really tired this week and I don’t know what to write. As I’m troubling to find money via internet I’ve received interesting private message at my facebook inbox. I want to share to you as I think it is new scammer to steal my money and my life.. Read this :-

Internet Scammers

First Message
Am A*****  am a Malaysian who was born and brought up in Wales Cardiff.Am Relocating Back home after the death of my father and i really don’t know any thing about Malaysia and i was hoping we could be friends and we can get to know each other and you teach me a little about Malaysia .Am so sorry if my mail may be offensive to you.
Hope to Read from you

I replied
sorry for late reply…
what you want to know??

Second Message
Conversation started September 8

9/8, 12:39am
Assalamualaikum. Am A**** am a Malaysian who was born and brought up in Wales Cardiff.Am Relocating Back home after the death of my father and i really don’t know any thing about Malaysia and i was hoping we could be friends and we can get to know each other and you teach me a little about Malaysia .Am so sorry if my mail may be offensive to you.
Hope to Read from you
September 10

9/10, 2:48pm

sorry for late reply…
what you want to know??
September 11

9/11, 2:39pm
Assalamualaikum. Nice To Read From You
Its nice to read from you again dear friend.First i like to give you a proper introduction of myself.My full name is A*****. Am a born Muslim in Wales Cardiff.My father is a Malaysian from Malacca and my mother is from Berlin in Germany,I was born August 1st 1983.I live at James Street Butetown here in Cardiff Bay,Am a Civil Servant i work with the Department of Commerce and Industrial Relations here in Cardiff Wales for the past five years now.Both My parent were in the Military and died in Active Military duties which i still get gratuities for their meritorious service from the Government.I decided two years ago to return to Malaysia and see the place were my father was from cause it was written in his will that a part of his savings from his financial wealth his given me i should locate a place called Malacca In Malaysia and find out were his from,since then i have been tired up with long awaited official leave is a week from now so i am Planning that trip Back to my fathers land to see how the place look like.I hope we can get to meet and be good friends when i come over very soon.I can only speak a little Bahasa just as my father taught me and i hope you can get to teach me more when we meet,Hope to read again from you

// In this email I found that the person tried to cheat me.. I just give some simple question but she(or maybe he) give the answer that not related.. One word that make me curious is ‘Bahasa’ as I don’t thing any Wales people will said language as ‘Bahasa’. I think only person from Malaysia will used that word.

I replied
Hi.nice to know you. I’m not good in English but if you want to go Melaka or Malacca (it is same place). it is better if you get from travel agency. It is more safe than using facebook friends that we don’t really know.

3rd Message
Waiting to Read From You
Actually my father is from Malacca a state in Malaysia according to my father Malacca was a colony within the British Empire after it gain its independence On 31 August 1957 my father then moved to England with his Boss then.My father came down to Wales Cardiff in 1975 when he was posted Here for Military service that’s how he meat my mother.i have never been to Malaysia that is why i have chosen to come over and see how Malaysia looks like,and i don’t know anybody in Malaysia because i have never been there,and i choose a man of your kind that i will be with whenever am there ,because i don’t know anybody in Malaysia you are the only one that i know ,and you have to show me around when am there because i will be coming three days after my annual leave application is granted.I will be staying just for a month cause that’s all my leave approved.i hope you will have enough time for me,And please just let me know it you cant be with me when i come i will understand cause you have things to do and also i dont wanna disturb you with my situation. I call you when i am set to come to Malaysia.I will be waiting to read from you again.
// I just want to give advice and recommendation about my place Melaka but she/he said that she/he choose me because I’m kind. How come he/she know I’m good person? It make me laugh..

I replied
Hm..when you will come to malacca?

4th Message
Nice to read from you dear friend and am over joyed at the good friend you are to me and a wonderful person you are.Every woman want a man like you who is so down to earth and well manned and handsome. Lol ..Please forgive me if i ask ? are you married or still single cause am a Muslim woman and i don’t wanna cause you any trouble in trying to help me locate my fathers land.Well For me am single and still searching for that one perfect man for me.I have had few relationship but ended in a sad note were i was always heart broken that made me not to completely trust men,Sorry for bugging you with all my life stories,Trust me i can go on and on, on this but. I don’t think i have to disturb you with all that.How was your day today and hope all was good with you.Please i will also like to get to know more about you.For me am 29 and i have a brother who is married and stays in Berlin he is married to a Muslim woman she is from Iran and they have a little girl,I have been working with the Department of Commerce and Industrial Relations here in Wales for the past 10 years now since 2002,Am just doing my fathers last wish which was on his will.I do hope to come to Malaysia Malacca and see how it really look but i don’t know what to do now cause my annual leave is just a week from now.I will let you know when am coming over to Malaysia and if possible you can pick me up from the Airport or if you can visit me at the hotel were am staying so you can show me around .well i have to go now cause Launch break is over and i need to get back to a meeting now with my Boss.I will wait to read from you and to tell me about yourself in a better way i can understand.You can sms me on this number +44 – 7938 – 460253.Here at work its against work policy to Answer phone here at office just sms me and i call you back.I give you my house phone number in my next email to you so we can always be in contact
// I dunno who’s number she/he gave. She/he just give long message and try to attract me.

I replied
okay, i’m single but engange and will married on Feb next year. I’m a Muslim..
I’m surprised as you send the long message.. I’m sorry but I’m still can’t trust the message as there’s many scammer now.. I’ve look at your facebook profile and you not update for some time.
Can U send the latest picture of you? Maybe the pic you wearing green shirt/ green cap.. To ensure you’re the person in the fb profile
I think it is hard for me to sms.. Sorry if I can’t pick you up from the Airport as it is about 1 1/2 hour from my place. Maybe if you arrive in Melaka you can message me via facebook..

5th Message
Feelings Of The Heart.
So Nice to read from you again.Honestly i will say you always have the right words to say or write any time you send me a mail.I wonder sometimes if am Gonna have a man like you in life or in future that will be as cool and nice as you and as gentle and friendly.Sorry to say this but i just imagine how you look now and smile and just have the natural likeness for you.I feel am in love when i am at work i keep my mail open down so i can always get your message early any time you write me.i must tell you that i just like you and i wish i could call you mine or call you Baby.Please send me your private mobile so we can get to talk more often on phone if you don’t mind and i have to also tell your time is eight hours ahead of mine here in Cardiff Wales and that i may always call late after work or during lunch break.Hope i can get my annual leave soon so i can see you face to face.I have to also tell you that i have the intention to buy a house when i get to Malaysia or have an investment when i get to Malaysia ccause i think i will settle down after my retirement in Malaysia and since i have found love in Malaysia if i may say so i think i just wanna move back to Malaysia.Please do call me so we can talk more on phone about this or just get to talk more to understand ourselves better.Hope i get to read from you soon baby….. hahaahahha.
// This message is look like she/he love me.. It’s funny as I don’t get any picture to prove that it is real.

That’s all. Maybe you get the same message. Beware because it could steal your money and heart too.. So the last action is blocked her.. Goodbye A***.


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  1. I also get this kind of message in my email but she change the name and date of birth. But overall the story she gave to you same like mine. She really a scammer hope the others also beware.

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