Online Banking Safety Tips

Do you use online banking for transactions? As in this era, many transactions do digitalize, banking also involved in the Internet transaction.
It’s important that you learn about and take advantage of security offered by our bank such as :-


– It is the process of scrambling privater information to prevent unauthorized access. To remind you that your transmission is encrypted, most Internet browsers display a small icon on your screen that looks like a lock or a key, when you conduct secure transactions online. Avoid sending sensitive informatin such as account numbers through unsecured e-mail.

– It is personal identification numbers that be used when accessing an account online. Your password should be unique to you and this is extremely important to change it regularly. DOn’t use birth dates or other numbers or words that may be easy for others to guess.
Always carefully control to whom you give your password.

General Security
– It is important for your personal computer to have security such as virus protection and physical access controls should be used and updated regularly. Contact your hardware and software suppliers or Internet service provider to ensure you have the latest in security update.

| Norton Confidential 2006 Safeguards against online identity theft|

That’s some of online banking safety tips that involved our financial institutions. You need to carefully crafted scams and phishing schemes. There’s no such impenetrable systems exist. You are your own best protection while conduction financial transactions on the Internet.

Source :-OOSTBurg State Bank

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