Online Scammer that most people trapped

Nowaday, many people getting lost their money from online. Not because business or buying transaction but because of the scammer.
In this article, I’ll share 5 common scam that getting into victim.

1) Parcel Scam

– Victim ‘fall in love’ with suspect via social media and is promised a parcel as proof of their love.
A ‘customer officer’ or courier company will contact the victim, demanding a tax or insurance fee for the parcel.
Victim fails to receive parcel and the syndicate continues to ask for money from victim.

2) Black Money Scam

– Fraudster convinces victim that piles of black-dyed banknote-sized paper, kept in a trunk or safe, are actual money.
Lured by the promise of getting a share of the money, victim is persuades into paying for chemicals to clean the money.

3) Love Scam
– Victim starts relationship through the internet.
‘Lover’ expresses wish to marry victim in Malaysia but is ‘arrested’ upon arrival.
Victim will be asked by suspect or syndicate members to pay for suspect’s release.

4) Investment Scam
– Comes in many forms- from a phone call offering an investment opportunity to an e-mail encouraging victims to buy shares.
Victims are offered early access to a super gambling software or promised large tax deductions or refunds.

5) Macau Scam
– Masterminds are usually foreigners with links in several ASEAN countries.
Posing as a police or bank officer, the fraudster contacts a prospective victim and says that he or she is wanted for criminal offences such as money laundering or funding terrorism.
Victims, desperate to have their criminal records erased by Bukit Aman or Bank Negara, transfer money into the fraudsters’ account.

It is important for us to beware about this. In Malaysia, the total lost from online scams is around RM1bil. It is a big amount and hopefully we won’t get trapped by this scam. Don’t think ‘it will not happen to you’ as many people become victim too.
Always update information about online scam and don’t ever try. This criminal is hard to trace.

I just read an article about the 5 unexpected identity thieves and I think most
I just get info from one of my facebook friendsĀ  about hottest scams in Malaysia.

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