Part time business with less commitment

Nowadays, business is one way to increase income. Just depend on salary is not enough. The price good still increase while our salary is still same. Doing business while have permanent job is not easy. It will effect on our current job. This is some part time business that less commitment:-

1. Vending machine business. There’s many vending machine concept such as drink product, chocolate and etc. Using the machine we don’t need to sell and interact with customer. Just put the machine and it will sell the product. You can monitor and collect money from the machine after work. Nowaday, there’s many new product doing by the vending machine.

2.Blogging. Nowaday, blogging has become a business and could make money. You can sell space in your blog for advertisement or writing an ads at your entry. You also can make income by doing freelance writer online or maybe doing some affiliate work. There’s many people success doing this kind of job. For example, Darren Rowse from has make his blog as his source of income.

3. Sell digital product online. The digital product such as ebook, digital song, etc.There are computer system that help to sell your digital product automatically even you not monitoring it.

4. Rent your house or make as a homestay. It could bring you more money if your place is near tourist place. What you need is good promotion. You also can rent your car to get some income. But you need to have good knowledge how to rent your house or make as a homestay. There’s many people fail in this type of business because just follow others.

5. Doing some craft product. You can learn on how to make some creative craft to sell. There’s many people make craft for living and have big income.

6. Become a writer. Writing is not hard but to get idea is very difficult. It is need an experience and lot of reading. J.K Rowling has being reject by many company before becoming the most successful writer in this decade.

Okay, that’s all. Maybe you can try one. Good luck.

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