Pay cuts over PTPTN loans

One of the most popular loan education in Malaysia, National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) really want to get their money. The civil service will be subjected to mandatory pay deduction starting with Public Service Department (PSD) officers this September.
PSD will implement this compulsory salary deduction first for PTPTN borrower.PSD director-general Tan Sri Mohamed Zabidi Zainal said that there are 480 PSD officers who would be subjected to the pay cuts when the initiative kicks off in September.

For other borrowers within the civil sercive, Mohamed Zabidi would be meeting with the secreatires-general of all the ministries to discuss the mandatory pay cut initiative.
According to PTPTN figures, there are 280,000 borrowers within the civil service.

PTPTN marketing and strategic communication chief officer Mastura Mohd Khalid said the corporation is prepared to negotiate with borrowers if they have problems to pay back the loans.

– TheStar

Okay, I’m one of the 280,000 borrowers but my balance is RM1,700 only. I’m not worried about it because I’m a good payer. Eventhough I just paid minimum balance but it is still not much. For those reader who still have PTPTN debt, try consistently paid or maybe you will get pay cut from salary.
That’s not good for your credit score.

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