Pre-Budget 2015 : Cost of living is top concern

As the cost of living of Malaysia is increase, Malaysian hope the government will address it in the 2015 Budget. In the survey at najibrazakcom/bajet2015, the top concern of taxpayer were :-

1. Cost of living
2. Employnment
3. Housing and Urban Living
4. Education
5. Social Welfare

People also discussed about subsidies, the electricity tariff, the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) and building more affordabloe houses for the low and middle income group.
Nowaday, our subsidised also enjoyed by foreigners, Singaporean, Thailand and Indonesians alike, because its lower price. It become a smuggling activities for those criminal people and affect our country income. A new method of allocating petrol should be implemented so foreigner couldn’t use the subsidies.

The other categories in the poll were public safety and corruption, government service tax, healthcare, environment and infrastructure, economic development, culture and tourism, taxation, business and finance, public service, rural development and youth and sports.

Budget 2015 : Yourfinancialblog Opinion

// For me, I hope government will concern about public transportation and petrol subsidies. The increase of petrol price not just effect on our petrol budget but also for those business. They will increase their product and it will mean our spending increase. Government must target not only low income people but also middle income as many middle income people become poor today.
They must know real average income people that could live stability and not based from average income by mathematicall. It is wrong to give average Malaysian income RM5,900 while most of people still paid lower than RM3,000.00.

Government also must look at their housing and look at the salary based on geographic. Some people with salary RM4,000 below can’t buy a house that price more than RM1,5000 which they define as ‘Rumah Mampu Milik’. And not many people can have that much salary. Many people in the rural get below RM2,000 and don’t have any payslip. They can’t own house that more than RM100,000.

I hope public transportation also need to improve and upgrade it as people need it. The cost of living also depend on the transportation. Sometimes it took 1/4 of our monthly income. If we have a good public transportation, we can save much money from fueling petrol in our car. It also can cut cost of car maintenance. Isn’t it good?

For BR1M, I think it must continue but government must know their target. Not just bring all money with the criteria but look at their history.

Lastly, government must spend money wisely. Don’t just put pressure on people as they spend without thinking. They must cut cost for bring big festival or any wasted event. Don’t waste too much money for thing that couldn’t bring profit to Malaysian.

Hopefully the budget 2015 will bring happines for us.

Those buying home under the 1Malaysia People Housing Programme (PR1MA) will save money in a
As we know, today there announcement for Budget 2020 proposals. I'm not on TV as

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