Read This before Refinancing Your Mortgage Loans

The downfall of mortgage interest rates is spotted as the main reason for most of the people to restructure their finance. However, mortgage refinancing purely depends on everyone’s individual circumstances than on the weekly financial updates. Whenever it comes to mortgage refinancing, there are few things to consider.

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Home equity:

Equity in your home is the first and foremost basic qualification required to refinance. But the present downfall of home values across the country have pushed many of the home owners into acute stress, owing more to their mortgage lender than their home’s current market value. Especially this situation is very prevalent in America whereas in other countries, the homeowners have comparatively low equity. Refinancing with little or no equity is almost impossible with conventional lenders. The best solution is to discuss your current needs and current lender requirements with your chosen mortgage specialist to make sure you can find a good match. Home owners with 10-15% equity have more chances to qualify for a new loan easily.

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Debt to Income ratio:

Having a mortgage loan already will not easily help you to be eligible for a new one. Rather there are some other criteria also like stable job history, high income and considerable value of savings which are the true factors that will help you in qualifying or the loan. Usually lenders have a maximum of 28%-31% of your gross monthly income going towards the monthly housing payments. However, the overall debt to income should be 36% or less. With certain positive factors, some lenders may even allow up to 40%. In order to qualify for refinancing, you need to pay off the debts in advance.

Credit score:

Having a good credit score is not a gateway to get loans easily. Some consumers may wonder because even with good credit score they will not always qualify for the lowest interest rates. But the lenders have tightened the rules and regulations for loan approvals. Lenders want to see a credit score of at least 720 or higher in order to qualify for the lowest mortgage interest rates. Borrowers with lower scores may still obtain a new loan, but the interest rates may be slightly higher.

Compare rates with terms:

If your objective is to reduce your monthly payments as much as possible, you will want a loan with the lowest interest rate for the longest term. If you want to pay less interest over the length of the loan, you should go for the lowest interest rate at the shortest term. Borrowers who want to pay off their loan as fast as possible should look for a mortgage with the shortest term at payments they can afford.


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