Refinancing A Mortgage To Pay A Credit Card Debt Is Not A Good Idea

Almost everyone in the world today is in some sort of debt.  The amount of credit card debt is staggering when compiled as a whole.  Often times people will look into several different ways to pay off their debt thinking that it is a good idea when in reality it might be a bad idea.  What you should be looking at is what will be best for your financial situation in the future not immediately.  Although having a zero credit card balance looks pretty good.

Refinancing Your Mortgage Loan

A popular way of paying off credit card debt is to refinance your mortgage loan.  This might be a popular way but it might not be the best way.  What refinancing your mortgage does for you is that it will give you the extra cash in your pocket to pay off your debt.  What is actually does is puts the credit card companies best interest ahead of yours.    This is because more than likely you will not change your spending habits and you will eventually end up in the same boat you are currently in.  Of course you will be stuck this time because you will not be able to refinance your home loan again to help pay off the credit cards for a second time.

Debt Consolidation

What is recommended to those with a large amount of unsecured credit card debt is debt consolidation.  What this consists of is being able to lump all of your unsecured debt into one loan.  This can include any unsecured personal loans as well as credit cards that currently hold a balance.  Having a debt consolidation loan will help to minimize your monthly payments and increase your cash flow.  This is because you will have your credit cards gone and will have only one interest rate and one monthly payment.

Debt consolidation companies can be easily found.  They can be found locally as well as online through the Internet by searching for them.  Each company will have their own program requirements and details so it is important that you research each company well. Once you have found the program you wish to use you will be required to complete and application and then you will be put in touch with a credit counselor.  The counselor will work with each of your creditors to negotiate better terms on your outstanding balance and they will then take care of making the payments on a monthly basis for you until your debt is paid off in full.


Having a large amount of debt can be very stressful for an individual.  The good news is that there is help out there for those who want it.  You just need to know where to look.  Refinancing your mortgage may sound like the best idea at first but when taking a closer look it might not be the best way after all.  Be sure to do some research before falling into this trap and getting back into debt a second time. For more updates you can visit here.


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