Renewing my roadtax

June is month that I need to reserve such large amount. It is because I need to pay for car road tax and insurance. Luckily, my officemate could help to do transaction because he work as insurance advisor as part time.
Using his connection, my new roadtax has already after a day. It is faster and easier rather than I go to agent office before. My new road tax and insurance coverage cost me RM535. The important part is my officemate could help me in case any emergency using this insurance coverage.


Before this, he has an office for this insurance and roadtax purpose but after his partner transfer to others state, the office has been closed. Maybe it is hard for him to operate the office especially his work in our office is also busy.
Eventhough he is busy in office doing accounting but he could do part time job as insurance agent. That’s cool and the latest news is he got another wife. A great achievement for him that I couldn’t follow.

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Renewing roadtax is not hard thing to do. If I’m working at home, I will do it by myself but I’m still salaryman and that’s took time for me. I don’t know how my friend’s could do that but I’m salute for him. Maybe he took some time in office work but it still hard to do.
Renewing roadtax is not expensive but the higher cost is from insurance coverage. It take more than 3/4 from RM535 I paid.

Others option to renew roadtax is using online application. One of famous online system is MyEG. It is an easy way but I’m still using conventional system because it is easy to ask about the insurance coverage using my friends rather than using that MyEG.

How about you? Do you remembered when your roadtax will expire? Are you ready with sum large amount money to pay for insurance and roadtax? For me, to collect the amount, I’ve plan it a year before to save. For example, I’m target my roadtax and insurance coverage for next year is RM500 and starting this June I need to save at least RM41 per month.
Is it hard ? Yes, it is hard especially to consistently save it. You have option such as auto debit money to other’s account or you can put it at some investment saving account such as ASB, Tabung Haji. But remembered, don’t ever used it before the time. Many people use their current salary to pay roadtax and survive at that month. Some of them, lend money from others which is not good financial management.

I’m also trying to make money from Maybe this year is good for to target paying roadtax and insurance using yourfinancialblog income. It couldn’t become reality if I’m not working hard and no readers support. Hopefully I get some support from you. Just read and share my article to all your social media.. Thanks.

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